Online Tailoring Training

With tailoring-design you don’t have to spend hours sewing, because your new skill is only to measure, cut a pattern and fit, while Suitstyler produces your garment. How? This is our proprietary secrets. Secrets that will give you a 200 – 1000% profit margin.

Watch our online Tailoring Designer videos or take our boot camp! See our (FAQ) frequently asked questions  and learn the answers from video responses.  In the first hour see the difference between wrinkles from poor tailor and a poor or casual cloth. In an hour learn how to change a pattern and make a fitting. In another hour you can impress your client with a better than their best off the rack fit. Some clients of course will be more difficult to fit, but we will teach you how to find the easy ones at first and grow your skills.

Now is the best time to learn tailoring design online so you can be the first in your area. This will put you on the top of the list when qualified. There your potential clients when visiting the Suitstyler site will see your name. Your knowledge will impress your clients,how the noble, but archaic craft of the 16thC can be replaced with a hybrid 21st C. technology, a scissors and a friend in the business. Your online training will show that poor fitting rack suits are costly to men that could be willing to take your card or even give you theirs. Once they are happy with your work,  you can send them our promotions to get them back and use the same pattern for fit with any style or changes needed.  With easy repeat orders we can show you how to quickly rise ahead of other tailoring order takers , retailers or freelance measurers. You will have a competitive overhead compared to retailers in a fast growing word of mouse and viral knowledge of authentic sculpted tailored fit.

With online tailoringdesigner training you can choose a lifestyle and even a city. You can choose, how you work and when you work.  You can achieve quality referrals simply by the quality of your work and follow up satisfaction emails.  As tailoring designer, you are as good as your last suit because that suit is out there advertising constantly. Online tailoringdesigning shows you how to set up office programs to make sure they remember your efforts. Of course an occasional telephone call or text will show excellent personal service to get the word around. More and more people will be talking about quality today as films like The True Cost “ reveal the blood that is spilled on cheap fashion.  Not to mention the worlds second worst waster of energy. Not to mention the ignorance of consumers who believe in brand suits even though they do not fit even 70%.

If you are already working, you can be confident with your present income to start online tailoring training. If you feel like firing your present boss you could jump in with both feet and shorten the learning curve with your new passion and practice of tailoring design. Either way with this unique new skill you will have your own business and a head start on your area. You will be bring to the 21st. C the skills of 400 year profession of cutting and fitting, with a lucrative less competitive advantage.  Make the leap for a full time or additional part time income. It will only take you a few  customers  to cover your training costs.


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