21st C Economy from Human Values

Part one

21st C. Economy from Human Values

Middle classes have risen before in history and will especially with the democratizing power of the web. This is already occurring with on- line businesses, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and particularly new, online education. The web will be a strong provider of education to the poor who will help build that middle class. A middle class is essential for buffering and stabilizing the upper investment class, making more available funds. This will be feasible due to a new rise of health and personalized or specialized values that create opportunities for the unemployed and underemployed.   A new variety of crafts and services can be available due to the webs efficiency and new business branding capabilities that can cater to the well-to-do’s need for crafts and services. The evidence is as pervasive as the wrinkles from poor tailoring on hi-end branded suits.

Economy and business is generally the solution when the crossroads of innovation and public values merge. This is called a “Killer Apps” or when applications of innovations that change society occur. The web as one of the historical Apps is as pervasive as the printing press, the telephone or the library. Easy information, easy networking and easy press will add new competition, values and a new economy.

In the 21st c economy from Human Values, innovations or apps will arise to boost human secular spirit. From the spirit of the 20th C material innovations, come the 21st. C spirit of hand crafted. Appreciation  driven by on line information. Information of standards and relevancy to important trends hastening the leap to the solar age, to access cheap clean energy. Today the world’s poorest have hope with a simple solar light they can read at night, to improve their skills while saving money from not paying for unhealthy kerosene. Read this book for some authoritative insight to our future.

AVerage is over

Creating new human values related to health is one example of successful employment. Exercise coaches cash in on the overworked boomers and hormone hungry 20 somethings.  As well a way to complement that health commitment is coming through the tailored wardrobe package that will prompt more employment and entrepreneurs as tailoring designers. For centuries a man’s wardrobe was actually a furniture closet housing his armour. With today less physical daily threat, the wardrobe protect in spirit a smart, credible and competent image.

The irch of the future will be generally more balanced than the wealthy. Time to exercise mind and body with the human values of a reasonable wardrobe package as a motivational perquisite to maintain those bodily parameters. Their wardrobe successful completed the same way an authentic tailor completes a flat piece of cloth by sculpting it.