21st Century Tailoring

My father was a latecomer as a retailor in men’s clothing after WW2, he was also a great tenor in the community temple choir.  As the second son and fourth child, hearing his singing was often the most impressionable communication of power and passion. This I took as a message of the importance of defining values in culture. Given in the fifties that the news of the Holocaust and the constant air-raid sirens threatening nuclear disaster, I was moved to consider rock and roll to be the messiah, (message) or the pied piper of civil-ization via edutainment in music with wise engaging lyrics. So I thought in my teen years that this infinitely powerful media of music, records, radio and TV would be a good contribution to try to make. That was my mission for many years. As it happens the Beatles beat me to the emancipation of the Russian youth to the extent that the government after making a ban on western music, started manufacturing from bootlegged master discs, Beatles Albums.

But I soon realized the extreme talent, ruthlessness and redundant themes of the tunes.  Most of the music was tribal (strong beat) entertainment and was not creating a larger pie or market, but was simply just replacing love and loss songs. The industry was capitalizing on human frailties.

When I was in college my professor said that Shakespeare wrote, “ In what tailor shall we find Plato”. Now this to me at the time was interesting to look in the context of Shakespeare’s time to the human nature of attire and society. As my father was a “re”tailor,  I was curious as to the tailors history and decided to take a job with him at Sam’s Shirt Shop in 1973. After a few years of selling suits, I realized that even though all customers were satisfied that there was always one client whose suit fit that was exemplary, and that there was an opportunity to bring those particular details of fit to more people. It was then I learned about the estimated 10,000 European tailors whose sartorial secrets were buried in the genocide. My real mission started there. To redeem the souls of those craftsmen, whose job was to serve men and give them some pride hopefully without pomp and circumstance.

I soon saw the success was just a process of cyclical completion. It was making the wardrobe a vehicle that redeemed their good character with some class. The vehicle that was a positive rather than neutral image that nurtured their character growth as it attracted like persons. The completion of a piece of cloth into a perfect suit is followed by the completion of a wardrobe with one good suit for which the wearer recognized the addage, Its clothing that makes the man”.  The completion of the wardrobe, much like our array of moods, completes our character albeit with a handsome serious note and the opportunities that that powerful image brings a man.

The critical thinking that accessing the perfect suit imparts with this more serious of garments carries with it an innate dignity that modernization and virtualization demolished in men magnificent presence. Women yes benefit from the safety of virtual.

As tailoring-designing as a field becomes popular the democratization of proper fit completes the cycle of industrialization that started with the steam power and factories. Society has only a certain time limit to efficient industries and satisfactory values to by come to terms with the information age and more quickly to the solar age. When a garment cannot be improved for fit, it is arguably the worlds best.

For my trainees in tailoring design I offer this monthly blog when you register for what isnow free on-line training. We will teach you how to fly, but it’s your own purpose, passion, talent, that will keep you from crashing. I offer to each of you, your own label and competitive high quality suit production. Within a year you may want to represent us in your area utilizing our web site and order taking files, as well as our brand and pooled resources so you may focus on your talent and customers.  As well I will be offering a one month Tailoring-Designers boot camp here in Vancouver in 2014 exclusively for 4 designers at a time.

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