Tailoring The Groom

Click for video Tailoring The Groom-  the most common mistakes 1) Not Beginning Party Design with the End in Mind Have your bridesmaid’s, groom and groomsmen colors and cloth samples that are actually part of a print design. This can be done by having mens ties made from the print or even starting with men’s […]

Leader in your Field

Leader in your Field? Learn leadership from your clients who are leaders and who come to you rather than follow others into the mass distribution of the retail stores. Their experience moves them to cut out the re-tailor to get their garments personalized from tailoringdesigners like yourself who offers factory direct fit and value. Today, most suits fit an average […]

Self Employment Opportunities

Self Employment Opportunities – Knock Hard on this door Your could easily fire your boss if you only had a great exciting back up. When you are making proud money in an exciting new field the world is at your doorstep. After patiently learning to cut and fit quick fittings for your friends, you may be ready to […]

History of the Gentleman

History of the Gentleman Previous to the suit we know today was an era of landowners and royalty, silk stockings and powdered wigs, pomp and circumstance. Early  tailoring and the fitted jacket started in this era. Once Saville row got adopted by the fast growing stylish middle class shipping industry, the upper class began to […]

21st C Economy from Human Values

Part one 21st C. Economy from Human Values Middle classes have risen before in history and will especially with the democratizing power of the web. This is already occurring with on- line businesses, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and particularly new, online education. The web will be a strong provider of education to the poor […]

Acquire a Piece of History- Tailor to Retailor to Tailoring-designer

Before the practice of packaging, manufacturing and shipping of goods, the first retailers 100 plus years ago were real suit-makers or tailors could make from scratch. With the need to distribute to the burgeoning new middle class, the new tailoring sweatshops and then factories allowed these tailors to simply re-cut their “sized garments”. The term […]