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Best Career Craft

Your Best Career Craft is Tailoring Design. This is the high tech version of the old tailor shop. Here cutting and fitting is simple and inexpensive to show pattern perfection. This best craft career of tailoring used to be the strength of society where it helped build a middle class. It was prevelent in London in the 16th C, then the worlds largest city. There the well-to-do had their garments hand crafted. The style then, is not far from what we know today. This upper class mixed business and style with the fast growing middle class renown for new shipping wealth.

Today globalization has caused a slow liquidation of the middle class. We see evidence in the Arab Spring, disruption in Hong Kong and the breakdown of jobs in southern Europe. Crafts and other trainable knowledge and profession is the message or messiah for stability. Indeed the future is all about building that middle class to secure stability and investment. The web is slated to allow people to develop their own business. Stanford University among others concur the future of on line education. is poised along with Saville row to carry on the craft via on-line training and community support.

Not everyone is a rocket scientist! Success and satisfaction are far more complex than data acquisition. Talent and persistence rank high in the study of the worlds happiest people. Add a little street smarts and data retention and voila! Working in your own studio, where loyal executives comfortably visit you so you rest assured. Your best career craft for the 21st C is tailoring design. It is key among others for service in a world of importation of brands and products. In a world where people should know real tailors and real designers personally. Not just a label cut for nobody in particular.