Acquire a Piece of History- Tailor to Retailor to Tailoring-designer

Before the practice of packaging, manufacturing and shipping of goods, the first retailers 100 plus years ago were real suit-makers or tailors could make from scratch. With the need to distribute to the burgeoning new middle class, the new tailoring sweatshops and then factories allowed these tailors to simply re-cut their “sized garments”. The term […]

Our Visual Genes

For hundreds of thousands of years the first primates saw their reflection in still waters each time they drank from the still waters. This combined with their awareness of mortality, maternal care and breast feeding contributed to our brain development for survival of the fittest. Given the genes created for our visual prowess we are […]

21st Century Tailoring

My father was a latecomer as a retailor in men’s clothing after WW2, he was also a great tenor in the community temple choir.  As the second son and fourth child, hearing his singing was often the most impressionable communication of power and passion. This I took as a message of the importance of defining […]