Leader in your Field

Leader in your Field?

Learn leadership from your clients who are leaders and who come to you rather than follow others into the mass distribution of the retail stores. Their experience moves them to cut out the re-tailor to get their garments personalized from tailoringdesigners like yourself who offers factory direct fit and value.

Today, most suits fit an average of 50-70%. Just find someone who is standing still and take a good look at their suit.  Check out wrinkles around the armholes, at the waist line, at the shoulder heads. Notice that without buttoning, the jacket is not closed. You see a jacket needs to be balanced at the shoulders to stay closed. Check necklines for a collar that gapes at the neck. Is a jacket’s lapel straight or buckling ? Or maybe the jacket waist button is cut for someone a few inches shorter. A shoulder that’s too big and breaks the shoulder line is an mistake.   Or perhaps what is lacking is a sleeve length that looks off because of the pitch. The worst thing for suit life is a pant pocket that stays open from bad seat tension. Anyone you notice with a pant pocket that opens up is fair game to stop and compliment on their choice of cloth before pointing out that he needs alterations if he does not want to rip the slack at the pocket base.

Become a leader in your new field of tailoring design from knowing simple ready made tailoring errors. This also helps you to help clients, when you tell them you can complete their suit with some alterations. One perfect suit on a friendly client who happens to be a leader will be highly influencial, so make sure you get this client at all costs. His referrals, you’ll know will make you a leader in your field.