Self Employment Opportunities

NY-machines-sm Self Employment Opportunities – Knock Hard on this door

Your could easily fire your boss if you only had a great exciting back up. When you are making proud money in an exciting new field the world is at your doorstep. After patiently learning to cut and fit quick fittings for your friends, you may be ready to make the move.  When a newby can make a better fit and garment than a billion dollar retail industry can, you got something special to work at!

When you are getting more business than you have time for, time to fire your boss, and let someone younger and more stupid take the job. Hell, they may even give you a raise knowing you have a little business on the side. Unlike those rare tailors that would hand make an entire suit, a TailoringDesigner would cut and quick fit a client’s pattern. He then has time to work on new business or get to know their client’s needs. Garments are produced professionally and will not look home-made as many tailors still do after many years of experience. Quick mock fitting sewing is easy, fun and risk free.  After you learn to fit and proof your skills  with a no alteration product you will be on your way to train salesmen .  

Your career as a Tailoring-designer is a world away from the labour intensive hand tailors of the past. You would enjoy specializing in better suit fit, current design, wardrobe coordination for additional sales, communication and client creation. This will create your more lucrative and social lifestyle. You will enjoy branding yourself for business by dressing . You can excel at wardrobe planning.

Unique  Opportunities

The epidemic of poor tailoring is evident anywhere you go on the business streets. Readymade suits are made for nobody in particular. They are sold by underqualified sales people wanting a fast sale. The underlining belief is that dressing is expensive while they pay more per daily wear as their pants wear out prematurely and they pay a fortune for drycleaning. Most men don’t know to get extra slacks so they are paying more per wear and often a poor looking garment. Satisfaction is investment in one great suit. One understood a man’s  priorities get straightened. Weight maintenance , one week a month crab free and even god forbid, exercise.